T.E.A. for Page or Stage

My parents bought me a mug that says Drama Queen and for a long time I wasn't sure what to think of that, but as I learned to live into my calling as a Word Artist, I accepted the title with pride.

I love theatre; writing, acting, watching, appreciating...all of it. Writing and performing is my way of making sense of my experiences. It allows me to creatively problem solve without the consequences. I can manipulate the outcomes, change perspectives, and work miracles with characters. I can give voice to the silenced and visibility to the invisible. I can create worlds.

And I can help you, too. I have several programs to help you create and receive feedback in a safe space. You can explore the stories you have heard about yourself and accepted as truth. You can explore your own pain by bringing it to life through fictional characters in a story on the page. You can create a spoken word piece for the stage that is so powerful people will cry. I have witnessed all of this happening in my groups.