Artistic Expression is the core of who I am. I use written and performed stories to bring clarity, meaning, and healing to life's experiences. I do this is a playwright, storyteller, and classroom arts educator.

I have written four plays, several one woman shows, two books, and a dissertation. Watch here for upcoming performance dates.

As part of a family of teachers, I love being in the classroom -either live or virtually. I have had the privilege of being an Arts Educator using writing and drama to bring history and social studies to life and to help teach literacy skills including oral storytelling to elementary school students.

"We truly enjoyed the experience and we learned so much too!" - Grade seven history teacher

I would be honoured to come to your classroom, too. Under current COVID conditions, I am able to conduct sessions virtually, which means it doesn't matter where your school is located. We work together to match lessons to your curriculum expectations. Students are eager to participate, engagement is high, and activities have been modified to successfully translate to a positive online experience.

I have also had the privilege of offering workshops to Special High Skills Majors students in highschool focusing on: Advanced (Expressive) Arts Therapy, Personality Inventories, Behaviour Management, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, and Advanced Art Form: Storytelling.

In September of 2021, in collaboration with Mr. Kim D. Elliott, we began to offer a workshop on Anti-oppression and Allyship to highschool students. We are looking to expand this offering to churches, community agencies, and corporations.

I am also available to manage artistic projects.

If this sounds good to you, please fill out the form below and we can start creating a powerful learning opportunity through the arts.