Transformational Experiential Arts

About T.E.A. With Linda

  • popular classroom artist
  • 4 time produced playwright: Wherever It Takes You, Elder Affairs, In Flight, A Girl Like Me (Arts Collective Theatre)
  • 3 time Fringe Festival one woman show playwright and performer: Cracked, Lost and Found, Browning Out
  • workshop facilitator: Communications, Personality, Indepreneur Success, Intergenerational Storytelling, Behaviour Management, Conflict Resolution
  • group and individual coach: Addiction and Recovery, Eating Disorders, and Trauma
  • published author: The Pitch and 31 Days Toward Maximum Living
  • member of Playwright's Guild of Canada
  • member of Storytellers of Canada
  • member of Creative Coaching Association
  • member of The Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada
  • Recipient of the Arts Collective Theatre Leadership Award
  • Doctrate, Expressive Arts Therapy: The extent to which Playbuilding gives voice, visibility, and witnessing to the Disenfranchised Grief Experience.

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Finding a Place to Belong

After receiving coach training from Coach University and working for several years in corporations and not-for-profit organizations, I discovered that there was a need for bringing expressive arts into the coaching mix. I began to work with individuals who were looking for clarity, direction, support, and emotional healing through writing (narrative) and drama (experiential). Then, as a very mature (old) adult, I chose to go back to University to earn both my Masters and then PhD. It wasn't easy, but I did it. I also maintained my business, wrote my plays, and kept putting one foot in front of the other. I wanted to create a place where everyone belonged: the lost, the lonely, the struggling, the suffering, those who wanted more, who wanted success, who were on the edge of greatness and just couldn't get there alone.

T.E.A. is that place; where transformation is possible.