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          Linda Lord, PhD Expressive Arts

Welcome to T.E.A. With Linda

Transformational Experiential Arts

We are all trying our best. We are trying to learn, grow, and cope with life using the tools we have. Sometimes those tools are enough and sometimes we need to get more creative.

For me, that more is T.E.A. a transformational expressive arts approach that infuses creativity into our daily lives. I have found that story and drama (play) are effective strategies to find meaning in our experiences.

With a Ph.D. in Expressive Arts Therapy, I have developed a unique approach to creativity coaching, arts education, and writing (for the page or for the stage).

Let's talk

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Wherever you come from you belong here

Whether you are:

looking for a creativity coach to help you think outside the box as an entrepreneur,


a practicing artist looking for support to complete your work or build your business,


a classroom educator searching for a working artist to teach core curriculum using an arts-integration approach in your classroom,


wanting a therapeutic release from your emotions and experiences,

T.E.A. with Linda may be just what you’ve been looking for.

I can support your journey.


It is time to get creative